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11 Tips for Preparing for Pregnancy with PCOS

If you might have PCOS, it might appear daunting to start out getting ready for being pregnant. How lengthy will it take? Will it even occur? It does differ from individual to individual, however for most girls with PCOS, the question just isn’t if they’ll ever get pregnant but when and what remedy will work greatest.

There are three foremost areas you possibly can goal to enhance your fertility and probabilities of conceiving: way of life, weight-reduction plan, and drugs/dietary supplements. It should in all probability be a mixture of ideas from all three that will provide you with probably the most success.

Way of life Modifications

Attempt Fertility Tracking

Monitoring cycles is a good suggestion for any lady getting ready for pregnancy, however particularly if in case you have irregular cycles due to PCOS. With PCOS, you won’t ovulate every month, so doing one thing like monitoring your basal body temperature takes the guesswork out of the equation. When you’ve got a cycle between 28-60 days, fertility charting could also be an efficient tactic. Additionally, should you’re using any treatment like Metformin or Clomid, tracking your cycles is useful as a result of you’ll be able to then monitor the effectiveness of the remedy plan.

Right here’s how fertility monitoring works. In the course of the first half of the menstrual cycle (menstruation-ovulation) your body temperature is slightly decrease. After ovulation, there is a spike in physique temperature due to the discharge of progesterone. In the event you’d like to track your basal body temperature, achieve this every morning around the similar time so there’s consistency in your recordings. Then ensure you write down your temperature in a pocket book or in a charting app on your telephone.

Another strategy to monitor your fertility is through monitoring your cervical mucus. When getting ready for ovulation, cervical mucus has the consistency of an egg white. Preserving an eye fixed out for egg white consistency and monitoring your basal physique temperature offers you a good suggestion if you’re ovulating, making making an attempt to conceive a lot simpler.

Get Sufficient Sleep

Sleep is essential for any state of affairs, whether you’re getting ready for pregnancy or not. Getting sufficient sleep helps with your mood, metabolism, and in addition within the regulation of hormones concerned with ovulation and copy. Sleep is another piece of the puzzle in regulating PCOS and having a wholesome way of life.

It typically might be onerous to get enough sleep. You say you’ll go to mattress early, but that subsequent episode on Netflix seems so fascinating! Sleep affects all features of your general health, so you owe it to yourself to go to bed a bit earlier so you possibly can have a soothing bedtime routine and really feel refreshed within the morning. The stability it brings to your hormones simply may improve your probabilities of conceiving.

Stop Smoking

Whether or not you’re making an attempt to get pregnant or not, you aren’t doing your self any favors for those who’re smoking with PCOS. Smoking can improve the dangers of hypertension and coronary heart illness, which is already a danger issue with PCOS. Associated to pregnancy, smoking and illegal drug use has been linked to untimely supply, miscarriage, and start defects.

When you have got a behavior, especially an addicting one like smoking, it’s not beneficial that you simply give up all of a sudden. Going cold-turkey increases the danger of withdrawal symptoms and relapse. As an alternative, progressively scale back how a lot you’re smoking so by the time you do conceive, you’ll be smoke-free. You’ll be able to all the time consult your physician or a help group for those who’re discovering it onerous to give up smoking.

Reduce Down on Caffeine and Alcohol

You absolutely shouldn’t be consuming when pregnant because of the harm it does to the fetus, and you also needs to minimize down on caffeine. Decreasing your consumption earlier than you get pregnant will make the transition simpler.

The truth is, slicing down on consuming is useful for PCOS basically, not just for getting ready for being pregnant. Decreasing alcohol consumption might help with weight reduction, which may help with balancing hormones and getting blood sugar ranges in examine. Alcohol accommodates plenty of empty calories: having a couple drinks an evening is identical as consuming an entire different meal! Alcohol additionally stimulates the urge for food, so you’re more more likely to bask in some late-night snacking.

Alcohol impacts the best way your physique absorbs estrogen. An elevated blood estrogen degree means the estrogen to progesterone ratio will probably be even worse. It’s essential to have balanced hormones when you’re making an attempt to manage your cycles for being pregnant, so it’s greatest to scale back or minimize out alcohol when getting ready for pregnancy.

Exercise Often

In case you have PCOS, you’re extra more likely to turn out to be obese and are additionally in danger for things like diabetes and hypertension. As such, it’s a good idea to remain lively to burn off additional energy, improve your coronary heart well being, and to help fight your insulin resistance. Ladies who exercise earlier than and through being pregnant can even have a neater labor and decreased recovery time postpartum, so finding a solution to be lively a pair occasions every week will profit your general health and especially your health while pregnant.

Keep or Scale back your Weight

In case you are significantly obese, it could actually put you in danger for some unpleasant pregnancy problems similar to preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, preterm labor, and even infertility. Ladies with PCOS are already at a better danger of being obese, so it’s necessary to be diligent with your food plan and health efforts, particularly when you’re getting ready for being pregnant.

Food plan

Relying on who you converse to or where you’re looking on the internet, everybody has an opinion on one of the best PCOS food regimen. Some assume that one thing like paleo or keto are the perfect choices, while others praise low-fat diets as an alternative. Whereas any of those diets may be useful, you want to take heed to your physique and luxury degree. A weight loss plan filled with meals you hate won’t be a food regimen you keep on very long. It’s essential you’re taking common tips for wholesome eating and adapt them so you possibly can develop consistency.

Listed here are a pair ideas under for a PCOS-friendly weight-reduction plan that can be used with different regimens should you require.

Eat low-G.I. Carbs

Not all carbs are created equal. It’s greatest when getting ready for being pregnant to modify so that you’re eating carbs which have a low Glycemic Index. Low GI carbs embrace things like most fruits, and non-starchy vegetables and legumes. Consuming something like some couscous as an alternative of a muffin truly helps maintain your blood sugar levels extra consistent throughout the day. Protecting your blood sugars beneath management will keep your power and temper, preventing overeating, which can assist with weight reduction.

Dropping even 5-10% of your complete body weight could be sufficient to restore cycles and improve probabilities of conceiving, so watching what kinds of carbs you’re consuming can truly make an enormous difference.

Eat extra plant-based protein

Although grownup ladies do not need large amounts of protein as part of a balanced food regimen, think about making some of that protein plant-based. The good thing about plant-based protein is that it helps you keep away from estrogen in food like beef. Estrogen ranges can either be too excessive or too low with PCOS, so getting estrogen from unusual sources akin to out of your meat can contribute to imbalanced hormones.

There’s estrogen in animal products because animals like cows are given hormones to increase yield and production. Once you eat meat, you end up getting some of these hormones whether or not you need them or not. Although you don’t need to utterly reduce out meat, think about substituting some meat for one thing like lentils or quinoa so you’re getting less estrogen from animal merchandise.

Eat extra monounsaturated fat and less trans fat

Just as there are healthier decisions of carbs, there are more healthy decisions of fats too. It’s better to eat more monounsaturated fat found in nuts, seeds, and avocados than trans fats present in plenty of processed meals. Trans fats are made when liquid oils are processed in a way referred to as partial hydrogenation to harden them. They’re arduous on the physique and aren’t actually including something to a wholesome, balanced food plan. One thing like a handful of trail mix or some guacamole though, good!

Dietary supplements and Medicine

Take a Multivitamin

Even in the event you make all the required modifications so you might have a PCOS-friendly food plan, it nonetheless may be arduous to get all of the vitamins you need. Taking a multivitamin may also help make up for what you’re not getting in your weight loss plan. There are some nutritional vitamins and minerals which might be of specific significance if in case you have PCOS and are getting ready for being pregnant.


Chromium, which might be found in foods like entire grains, broccoli, or green beans, is beneficial for digesting and metabolizing glucose, and thus getting your blood sugars in verify. It may additionally enhance the physique’s sensitivity to insulin.

Vitamin D

You will get your vitamin D from the sun, or you’ll be able to take it as part of a complement, especially through the darkish winter months. Vitamin D is necessary for combating insulin resistance, selling breast well being, and enhancing temper. It could also help with weight reduction, which is beneficial for getting hormones in stability and enhancing fertility. Making sure you’re getting sufficient vitamin D and calcium in your eating regimen may help regulate menstrual cycles and improve the variety of mature follicles in your ovaries.

B Nutritional vitamins

B nutritional vitamins are useful for menstrual well being. A scarcity of B6 can truly result in an imbalance of progesterone, which is a vital hormone for the menstrual cycle. In the event you don’t get enough B6, you’ll have irregular menstrual cycles, which may make it that a lot more durable when making an attempt to conceive. Taking B nutritional vitamins nevertheless will improve your cycles and should even improve their luteal phases.

Folic acid, another element of the B vitamins, is extraordinarily necessary if you’re pregnant, but in addition if you’re getting ready for being pregnant. Folic acid aids with neural tube improvement of the fetus and will help forestall spina bifida.

Omega 3

Fats are elements of hormones. One of the crucial necessary fats when you have PCOS is the omega 3. Actually, omega three is proven to decrease testosterone in ladies with PCOS. Lower testosterone means increased fertility. Should you’d wish to have more omega 3 in your food plan, be sure to eat fish, similar to salmon or mackerel a number of occasions every week, or add some walnuts to the top of your oatmeal at breakfast.

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10 briefly type, has an enormous half to play in the power manufacturing of your body’s cells. Taking a supplement with CoQ10 can enhance egg quality and probably improve your probability of getting pregnant.


Inositol is a nutrient naturally present in entire grains, beans, nuts, and fruits. Analysis exhibits that, like CoQ10, supplementing with inositol promotes egg high quality and improves the probabilities of turning into pregnant. In addition, it could decrease insulin ranges and insulin resistance.

Seek the advice of Your Doctor for PCOS

Medicine shouldn’t be often the very first thing you need to reach for when making an attempt to conceive with PCOS. Way of life modifications and weight reduction have a big influence on rebalancing your hormones and restoring or growing fertility. In conditions the place you’re anovulatory (not ovulating), medical intervention, or a mixture of medical intervention and way of life modification is usually needed.

Because PCOS can range drastically, what medicine will work greatest is determined by the individual. All the time seek the advice of your doctor for recommendations on dietary supplements or medicine that may be greatest for you.

Under are a few of the generally used medicine your doctor might prescribe that will help you ovulate:


Metformin was truly used originally to treat diabetes, but now’s prescribed to ladies with PCOS as properly. It may possibly help deal with insulin resistance and can even help with menstrual regularity and ovulation induction. Although some ladies have had success with metformin, both as an assist for weight loss and for conception, it does not exchange the need for way of life modification, particularly in case you are obese or obese.


Clomid, also called clomiphene citrate or Serophene is an oral treatment used commonly for a fertility remedy. In contrast to metformin, which can also be used for insulin resistance or with ladies who are usually not making an attempt to conceive, Clomid is used particularly to induce ovulation. It may possibly work pretty shortly. After completing a 5 day course of Clomid, ovulation can occur sometimes eight to 10 days afterwards; nevertheless, it varies tremendously depending on the individual. Using fertility charting can be essential when using Clomid to know when ovulation has occurred.

Ultimate Phrases

This listing of ideas getting ready you for being pregnant with PCOS provides you multiple entry points into way of life and medical modifications which you can make. PCOS impacts everyone in a different way, but regardless the way it impacts you, it’s essential to be consuming a healthy diet of affordable portion sizes, and staying physically lively. Having a healthy way of life goes a great distance in the direction of balancing your hormones and restoring or growing fertility. Even the medical interventions similar to Metformin are only helpful if utilized in mixture with way of life modifications, so making those adjustments are extraordinarily essential.

It might appear onerous to make modifications to way of life and weight loss plan, however keep in mind why you’re doing it: so you’ll be able to welcome a new little life into your loved ones! Have another ideas or questions? Make sure you depart a remark under!


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