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Blood Sugar Creeping Up? Get Better Control. Part 2

Woman with diabetes testing her blood sugar

Woman with diabetes testing her blood sugar


Methods to decrease blood sugar ranges

This can be a essential query I get on a regular basis from shoppers, and with good cause. What occurs when your blood sugar will get too excessive? Sadly, the danger for a number of well being points will increase corresponding to retinopathy (eye injury), nephropathy (kidney injury), neuropathy (nerve injury) and blood vessel injury. Luckily there are a number of steps you possibly can take to maintain your blood sugar ranges inside a wholesome vary.


In Part 1 I reviewed what blood sugar means, what blood sugar does and the way your physique maintains optimum ranges of blood sugar. I additionally offered an summary of “blood sugar imbalance” a.okay.a. insulin resistance, or pre-diabetes, and diabetes. On this submit, I’ll cowl the second half of the 11 ideas for protecting blood sugar balanced!


6 – Fruit is OK, particularly darkish berries


Until your physician or well being practitioner has stated in any other case, or you’ve an intolerance to them, fruit and the fruit sugar “fructose” are usually okay. Fructose has a low glycemic index. Having fructose as an alternative of glucose (common sugar) can scale back a measure of the typical ranges of blood sugar over the previous two to 3 months (e.g. HbA1c – a blood check for blood sugar management).


A food plan excessive in fruit and veggies is nice on your well being. They include phytochemicals (phyto=plant), nutritional vitamins, minerals, and fibre. Consuming entire (not processed or juiced) fruits will help with blood sugar stability. Berries are notably good, as they include lots of fibre and never a number of sugar. To not point out that they’re scrumptious!


Berries, particularly darkish berries, include pigments referred to as “anthocyanins.” These dark-coloured pigments have a lot of well being advantages together with serving to sugar metabolism in individuals with insulin resistance. They will additionally enhance means to assume, and their antioxidant results are linked to lowered DNA injury.


You will get sufficient anthocyanins from a daily serving of darkish berries, so give them a attempt.


Mixed frozen strawberries blueberries raspberries


7 – Attempt these blood-sugar balancing flavourings (vinegar & cinnamon)


Attempt having two tablespoons of vinegar shortly earlier than or with a meal that incorporates sugars or starches.


Why? As a result of a current evaluation of a number of research (a meta-analysis) confirmed that the vinegar can decrease the blood sugar by as much as 60% and the insulin by as much as 130% in comparison with the identical meal with out vinegar. This labored for insulin-resistant individuals. Even wholesome individuals had a big profit.


Cinnamon will help to decrease blood sugar ranges and enhance insulin sensitivity. This impact can occur with even lower than one teaspoon per day.


It’s thought that cinnamon works by slowing the emptying of the abdomen. Slower emptying means slower absorption and slower blood sugar rise after a meal. Cinnamon additionally incorporates antioxidant polyphenols (plant chemical compounds) which will enhance insulin sensitivity.


Eight – Get sufficient good high quality sleep


Our our bodies are wired to work alongside the solar’s schedule. The target is to get up when the solar comes up, and get drained when it goes down. Not sufficient sleep can have an effect on lots of our physique’s methods, together with negatively affecting our blood sugar ranges and insulin sensitivity. It could additionally improve urge for food and promote weight achieve.


Even one or two nights of poor sleep can have an effect on our blood sugar ranges.


Recurrently getting sufficient good high quality sleep is a superb step towards serving to our our bodies handle blood sugar.


Small Kitty With Red Pillow

9 – Scale back your stress


Keep in mind we talked about a few these issues that releases sugar saved within the liver and muscular tissues, and delivers them again to the blood? Issues like not consuming for a number of hours, and once we’re beneath stress. Let’s speak concerning the blood sugar impact of stress hormones like cortisol.


The rationale stress hormones launch saved sugar is to organize for the “fight or flight” response. Your physique turns into bodily able to battle or run. And to do that, you want gasoline in your blood, i.e. sugar.


How are you going to scale back stress? Rest methods like deep respiration, meditation, and yoga might help to scale back stress and decrease blood sugar ranges.


10 – Train


Keep in mind how insulin tells your muscle cells to tug some sugar out of your blood to retailer for later? Guess what it’s storing it for?




By exercising and burning that saved sugar, you not solely enhance your blood sugar ranges, and your bodily and psychological well being in some ways, but in addition can scale back insulin resistance. Win-win-win.


This implies your muscle cells, particularly once they’re shifting, take in and burn extra sugar from the blood. This goes for each medium- and high-intensity train.


Man exercising with a kettle bell in the gym


11 – Lose extra weight


That is type of an enormous and super-complex one, so I left it till the top.


There’s a ton of proof that stomach fats, obese, and weight problems are linked with blood sugar stability points and sort 2 diabetes.


Weight reduction and decreased waist circumference can work in addition to, if not higher, than drugs.



In case your blood sugar is creeping up, there are some vitamin and way of life upgrades you can also make for higher well being.



  • Cease consuming and consuming issues which might be principally sugar.
  • Don’t eat too many carbohydrates.
  • Select “low glycemic” starches.
  • Eat extra fiber.
  • Eat your protein and fibrous greens first.
  • Fruit is OK, particularly darkish berries.
  • Attempt these blood-sugar balancing flavourings (vinegar & cinnamon).
  • Get sufficient good high quality sleep.
  • Train.
  • Scale back your stress.
  • Lose extra weight.



Which of those will enable you to to raised management your blood sugar ranges?


NOTE: There are a number of medical, weight loss plan, and way of life approaches to managing medical circumstances.  None of those are an alternative to skilled medical recommendation. When you’ve got any of those circumstances, or are taking drugs for it, please ensure you’re being monitored often.


Doug Prepare dinner RDN is a Toronto based mostly integrative and useful nutritionist and dietitian with a concentrate on digestive, intestine, psychological well being.  Comply with me on Fb, Instagram and Twitter.



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