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Celebrate the Holidays Without Blowing Your Waistline –

eight Low Calorie Cocktails for the Vacation Season

Attempt these scrumptious low calorie cocktails recipes that may hold you in the vacation spirits with out blowing up your waistline.

Who doesn’t wish to throw back a couple of stiff ones during the holidays? Almost everyone likes to let unfastened right now of yr, even me. And there are plenty of occasions to take action. Office holiday parties, tree and menorah lightings, Christmas Eve, and naturally New Yr’s Eve.

During the winter holiday season, there’s no scarcity of celebrations that includes the free circulate of distilled spirits.

Sadly, most holiday cocktails are loaded with fat and energy. The typical cocktail incorporates 330-450 energy and 10-19 grams of fat! It’s like a quick food meal in a cup, a lot of added fat and sugar (but no dietary benefits).

The culprits also embrace other favorites such scorching candies, mulled ciders, eggnog, and traditional grogs that push back the winter chill however at the expense of adding large calories. Don’t overlook about the themed combined drinks that make parties superior whereas making your waistline extra full.

Nicely then, how do you take pleasure in the holiday season without having to cover behind bulky sweaters until July? Listed here are eight fun low calorie cocktails ideas which were modified from their unique variations to scale back calories, sugar, and fats.

Take pleasure in them without the 10-pound vacation hangover!

low calorie pumpkin pie martini1. Pumpkin Pie Martini. It’s as yummy as it sounds. There are are a number of pumpkin liqueurs on the market, that are convenient, but add a variety of unnecessary energy. Even in late December, you need to have the ability to find pumpkins in the markets. Through the use of actual pumpkin, you get the flavor without the energy—and, consider it or not, somewhat fiber in your drink. Yeah, I know you’re fearful about your fiber rely proper?

  • 6 oz. vanilla-flavored vodka
  • 6 oz. canned unsweetened pumpkin
  • 4 oz. fat-free condensed milk
  • 4 oz. unsweetened almond milk (or fat-free milk)
  • 4 Tbsp. pumpkin pie seasoning
  • Ice cubes
  • 6 crushed reduced-fat vanilla wafers

Directions: Place vodka and pumpkin in a bowl, and stir until pumpkin has dissolved. Stir in condensed milk and almond milk. Add seasoning and stir nicely. Dip rims of glasses in crushed vanilla wafers. Pour liquid over ice into glass and luxuriate in. Makes 6 servings.

Nutritional Info (per serving): Energy Protein Fiber Carbs Fat Complete Saturated Fat 105 1 g 2 g 6 g < 1 g < 1 g

low calorie grog2.  Grog. Its wealthy history dates back over 400 years, when it was rationed out to sailors at sea. The sailors wouldn’t drink their scurvy-preventing dose of lemon juice straight, so the ship’s leaders typically occasions laced it up with just a little rum. This in fact made it a lot tastier, and the sailors drank it with out much grievance. The truth is, it acquired so in style that the term “groggy” originated from this drink.

  • Juice of two lemons
  • 1 entire lemon peel
  • 1 entire orange peel
  • four Tbsp. sugar
  • four entire cloves
  • 4 cinnamon sticks
  • 10 oz. water
  • four oz. golden rum

Instructions: Place lemon juice, lemon peel, orange peel, sugar, cloves, cinnamon sticks, and water in a medium saucepan. Convey to a simmer and let simmer for 15 minutes, remove from warmth, and slowly stir in rum. Pour though a nice strainer into mugs; place certainly one of the cinnamon sticks in each mug as a garnish. Makes 4 servings.

Nutritional Info (per serving):
Energy Protein Fiber Carbs Fat Complete Saturated Fat
118 < 1 g < 1 g 14 g < 1 g < 1 g

low calorie gingerbread toddy3.  Gingerbread Toddy. In cold weather, a scorching drink can warm you up quicker than a Snuggie® and an electrical blanket. I grew up in Toronto so being cold is something I’m quite conversant in. Despite the fact that I now stay in San Diego and it’s about 70 levels Fahrenheit in January, I nonetheless keep in mind my roots. 🙂 I might have used a couple of of those in my youthful days. This scorching toddy will make you are feeling heat while it makes you assume you’re eating gingerbread cookies. Yummy.

  • 1 oz. brandy
  • 1 oz. gingerbread liqueur
  • Juice from 1 lemon wedge
  • eight oz. scorching water
  • 1 cinnamon stick

Instructions: Pour first 4 components right into a preheated mug in the order listed. Garnish with a cinnamon stick as a stirrer. Makes 1 serving.

Nutritional Info (per serving):
Calories Protein Fiber Carbs Fats Complete Saturated Fat
155 < 1 g < 1 g 11 g < 1 g < 1 g

low calorie holiday hot chocolatefour. Vacation Scorching Chocolate. Most scorching chocolate recipes will value you 500+ calories, however this one is a little less punishing in your hips . You’ll be able to clearly purchase no-sugar-added scorching chocolate in packages and do that the straightforward means. But you’re no slacker. And, you in all probability don’t trust the sugar substitutes either. As an alternative, making an attempt making do-it-yourself scorching chocolate using this low calorie recipe, which has the additional advantage of creating your home odor superb and impressing your friends and family.

  • 4 cups evaporated fat-free milk
  • 1 cup fat-free milk
  • 1/2 cup baking chocolate
  • 2 Tbsp. vanilla extract
  • half cup sugar (or use 1/3 cup agave)
  • 6 oz. Frangelico® liqueur
  • 6 miniature sweet canes

Directions: Mix evaporated milk, fat-free milk, chocolate, vanilla, and sugar in medium saucepan and heat on range over low heat. Take away from heat and stir in Frangelico. Pour into mugs and garnish every with a small candy cane. Makes 6 servings.

Nutritional Info (per serving): Calories Protein Fiber Carbs Fats Complete Saturated Fats 340 16 g 2 g 45 g 6 g 3 g

low calorie peppermint martini5.  Peppermint Martini. This is perhaps the easiest and tastiest of the low calorie cocktails (although I don’t assume James Bond would approve). Simply three components and a bit of sweet cane. In the event you’re not into vodka, you possibly can in fact exchange it with gin, nevertheless it gained’t style exactly the similar. I actually like this recipe because it is oh so stylish and stylish and complicated. The right New Yr’s cocktail if there ever was one!

  • 9 oz. vanilla vodka
  • 9 oz. peppermint schnapps
  • three oz. fat-free condensed milk
  • Ice
  • 6 miniature candy canes

Directions: Place all liquids in a martini shaker with ice. Shake and pour into glasses. Garnish each with a candy cane. Makes 6 servings.

Nutritional Info (per serving; not counting the candy canes): Calories Protein Fiber Carbs Fat Complete Saturated Fat 232 1 g < 1 g 13 g < 1 g < 1 g

low calorie mulled apple cider6. Mulled Apple Cider. Nothing makes a house odor extra heat and alluring than some mulled apple cider—besides perhaps those overpriced candles continuously being marketed on TV. Imagine walking in from the chilly winter chill and being greeted with the aromatic aroma of this low calorie mulled apple cider. Isn’t that a pretty thought? It virtually makes me need to shovel snow simply excited about it.

  • eight cups apple cider
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 10 entire cloves
  • 1 navel orange, peeled and sliced crosswise
  • 1 2-inch piece of peeled recent ginger, minimize into 6 slices
  • 4 oz. mild brandy

Directions: In a big saucepan, combine cider, cinnamon stick, cloves, orange, and ginger and simmer combination for 20 minutes. Take away from heat and add brandy to pan. Stir, then strain combination by means of a wonderful strainer right into a heatproof pitcher. Serve heat. Makes 6 servings.

Nutritional Info (per serving): Energy Protein Fiber Carbs Fat Complete Saturated Fat 202 < 1 g < 1 g 37 g < 1 g < 1 g

low calorie Blitzen's bliss7.  Blitzen’s Bliss. Provided that Blitzen is the remaining reindeer in the lineup, he in all probability will get knocked round a good bit by the sleigh over the course of Santa’s travels on Christmas Eve. But once the crew is completed circumnavigating the globe, Blitzen comes residence and has a couple of of these, and it’s all good. Since they only have 130 calories apiece, he doesn’t feel all bloated for his Christmas dinner the next day. Plus, who doesn’t like pomegranate juice?

  • 2 cups pomegranate juice
  • Juice of two limes
  • 8 oz. vodka
  • 1 tsp. peppermint extract
  • 12 ice cubes
  • four Tbsp. chopped mint leaves
  • 6 miniature candy canes

Directions: Place first four components in shaker with ice. Shake and pour into individual glasses. Sprinkle every with mint and garnish with sweet cane. Makes 6 servings.

Nutritional Info (per serving; not counting the candy canes):
Energy Protein Fiber Carbs Fat Complete Saturated Fat
130 < 1 g < 1 g 11 g < 1 g < 1 g

low calorie cocktails-sangria8. Low Calorie Sangria. Something fruity and delicious to take away the winter chill? No, I’m not talking about your Aunt Erma’s ten-ton fruit cake. This low calorie Sangria will do properly, thanks. Even in the lifeless of winter, you possibly can still discover the recent fruit elements in your local grocery store, and even Costco. Get your every day dose of vitamin C laced with wine tannins. Your heart and butt will respect you for it. Nice.

  • 10 inexperienced grapes, halved
  • four recent strawberries, hulled and sliced
  • 1 peach, pitted and sliced
  • 1 bottle white or pink wine
  • 1-1/2 cups white grape juice
  • 1/2 cup brandy
  • 2 sprigs recent mint

Instructions: Place fruit and wine in a big glass pitcher. Add juice and brandy and stir gently. Add mint and stir gently as soon as extra. Chill in fridge for no less than 2 hours earlier than serving. Serve straight or over ice. Makes 6 servings.

Nutritional Info (per serving): Calories Protein Fiber Carbs Fats Complete Saturated Fat 183 1 g 1 g 14 g < 1 g < 1 g

Low Calorie Cocktails

Go ahead and have a “cup of cheer” this vacation season. With these low calorie cocktails, you can now take pleasure in it with out having to do 1000 jumping jacks afterwards, or wear your saggy sweatpants for the complete month of January. Comfortable holidays!

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