Are you tired of eating the same old salads for lunch? Looking to spice up your meal plan with something new and exciting? Then look no further than these five zesty Asian-inspired vegetarian noodle dishes. Packed with nutrients and flavor, these recipes are sure to satisfy any appetite while providing a healthy dose of energy to keep you going throughout the day.

1. Pad Thai – This classic Thai street food staple is made with stir-fried rice noodles, peanuts, bean sprouts, eggs, and a sweet and savory sauce made from tamarind paste, fish sauce, and sugar. To make it veggie friendly, simply omit the shrimp and use tofu or tempeh instead. Serve with sliced cucumbers and red cabbage on the side for added crunch.

2. Pho – A traditional Vietnamese soup made with long, thin rice noodles in a fragrant broth that’s been simmering all day. Top yours off with plenty of fresh herbs like cilantro, basil, and mint along with bean sprouts, lime wedges, and chili oil for an extra kick. For protein, opt for tofu or seitan.

3. Ramen – While traditionally served with pork or beef, there are many plant-based options available at most grocery stores today. Load up on the veggies by adding bok choy, mushrooms, and enoki mushrooms to your bowl alongside soft boiled egg and nori seaweed sheets. Don’t forget about the rich umami broth which can be made using miso paste, soy sauce, and dashi powder.

4. Udon – Another Japanese favorite made with thick wheat flour noodles that are chewy yet tender. Pair them with a simple sauce made from soy sauce, mirin (a type of rice wine), and sesame oil along with sliced scallions, carrot matchsticks, and edamame. For some heat, add some wasabi to your dipping bowl.

5. Chow Mein – Originating in China but now popular worldwide, this dish features wide, flat noodles stir-fried with vegetables like bell peppers, celery, and onion. Add some protein such as tofu, chicken, or pork if desired, then top with a mixture of soy sauce, honey, and chili garlic sauce for maximum flavor.

By Flo Mer

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