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Reasons Why Intelligent Extraterrestrials Might Hide Themselves From Humanity – Collective Evolution

Reasons Why Intelligent Extraterrestrials Might Hide Themselves From Humanity – Collective Evolution
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    Unbeknownst to most docs, the polio-vaccine historical past includes an enormous public well being service makeover throughout an period when a reside, lethal pressure of poliovirus contaminated the Salk polio vaccines, and paralyzed lots of of youngsters and their contacts.

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    Is there a extra sinister purpose for the “decline” in polio throughout these years? In 1955, a really artistic re-definition of poliovirus infections was invented, to “cover” the truth that many instances of “polio” paralysis had no poliovirus of their techniques.

This text was written by Dr. Susan Humphries, initially posted at Greenmedinfo, posted right here with permission.

The tendency of a mass vaccination program is to herd individuals. Individuals are not cattle or sheep. They shouldn’t be herded. A mass vaccination program carries a built-in temptation to oversimplify the issue; to magnify the advantages; to attenuate or utterly ignore the hazards; to discourage or silence scholarly, considerate and cautious opposition; to create an urgency the place none exists; to whip up an enthusiasm amongst residents that may carry with it the seeds of impatience, if not intolerance; to increase the idea of the police energy of the state in quarantine far past its correct limitation; to imagine simplicity when there’s truly nice complexity; to proceed to help a vaccine lengthy after it has been discredited;… to ridicule trustworthy and knowledgeable consent.1

There’s loads of confusion on the subject of vaccination, particularly amongst brainwashed docs who trusted their medical faculties.  Then the unsuspecting, trusting public trusts them…as a result of the medical institution should know greatest, proper? And docs are good individuals, making an attempt to do a superb factor.  True.  I used to be as soon as a type of brainwashed docs who believed within the benevolence of the medical system and believed that each one I discovered was the perfect that trendy occasions needed to supply. It’s blazingly clear to me now although, that a lot of what’s taught in medical faculty is enormously restricted. I now see that the majority docs are little greater than blind slave-technicians who comply with the dogma they have been taught and have been rewarded for repeating, whilst the reality unfolds in entrance of them dictating in any other case.

Unbeknownst to most docs, the polio-vaccine historical past includes an enormous public well being service makeover throughout an period when a reside, lethal pressure of poliovirus contaminated the Salk polio vaccines, and paralyzed a whole lot of youngsters and their contacts.  These have been the vaccines that have been supposedly liable for the decline in polio from 1955 to 1961! However there’s a extra sinister purpose for the “decline” in polio throughout these years; in 1955, a really artistic re-definition of poliovirus infections was invented, to “cover” the truth that many instances of “polio” paralysis had no poliovirus of their techniques in any respect. Whereas this protected the popularity of the Salk vaccine, it muddied the waters of historical past in an enormous means


Even through the peak epidemics, unifactorial poliovirus an infection, leading to long-term paralysis, was a low-incidence disease2 that was falsely represented as a rampant and violent crippler by Basil O’Connor’s “March Of Dimes” promoting campaigns. Concurrently Basil O’Connor was pulling in 45 million dollars a yr to fund the Salk vaccine improvement, scientists began to understand that different viruses like Coxsackie, echo and enteroviruses, might additionally trigger polio.  Additionally they mentioned the truth that lead, arsenic, DDT, and different commonly-used neurotoxins, might identically mimic the lesions of polio. Through the nice epidemics in america, the pathology referred to as polio was reversed by various medical docs who attested to nice success, utilizing cleansing procedures obtainable on the time – but they have been categorically ignored.Three

Now it’s admitted within the medical literature that different viruses may cause polio, but few individuals on the road have any concept.

Previous to 1954, the next undoubtedly hid behind the identify “poliomyelitis”: Transverse Myelitis, viral or “aseptic” meningitis, Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS)- (what Franklin Delano Roosevelt had)four, Chinese language Paralytic syndrome, Persistent Fatigue Syndrome, epidemic cholera, cholera morbus, spinal meningitis, spinal apoplexy, inhibitory palsy, intermittent fever, famine fever, worm fever, bilious remittent fever, ergotism, post-polio syndrome, acute flaccid paralysis(AFP).

Included underneath the umbrella time period “Acute Flaccid Paralysis” are Poliomyelitis, Transverse Myelitis, Guillain-Barré syndrome, enteroviral encephalopathy, traumatic neuritis, Reye’s syndrome and so forth.

Earlier than you consider that polio has been eradicated, take a look at this graph of AFP and Polio. In case you are questioning why there isn’t any knowledge previous to 1996, go to the WHO web site for AFP and you will notice that there isn’t any knowledge previous to 1996, and notice that AFP continues to rise in 2011. Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP) is simply one other identify for what would have been referred to as polio in 1955, and is used to explain a sudden onset of paralysis. It’s the most typical signal of acute polio, and used for surveillance throughout polio outbreaks. AFP can also be related to various different pathogenic brokers together with enteroviruses, echoviruses, and adenoviruses, amongst others. However in 1955, there was no try and detect something aside from polio in instances of AFP. As soon as the vaccine was mass marketed, the sport modified.

When individuals ask me the place all the youngsters on iron lungs are, I might reply that they need to ask Dr. Douglas Kerr from Johns Hopkins, who said on pg. xv within the Ahead to Donna Jackson Nakazawa’s guide “The Autoimmune Epidemic”…

Infants as younger as 5 months previous can get Transverse Myelitis, and a few are left completely paralyzed and dependent upon a ventilator to breathe… my colleagues on the Johns Hopkins Hospital and I hear about or deal with lots of of latest instances yearly.

Does the general public have any concept that there are lots of of instances of one thing that may as soon as have been referred to as polio, and a few of these youngsters will probably be depending on a contemporary model of the iron lung?  No.  Mother and father as we speak assume that the Salk vaccine eradicated any want for ventilators, as a result of the photographs of all these youngsters on iron lungs are not paraded in entrance of individuals so as to create worry.  Apart from which, right now’s “iron lungs” don’t appear to be a prototype submarine.  They’re barely recognizable as at the moment’s “ventilators.”

The polio vaccine had the quickest licensing in FDA historical past. It was accredited for business manufacturing after solely a two-hour deliberation amongst the Licensing Committee, in a pressured surroundings. These scientists witnessed a vaccine that was escorted to market, earlier than educational and group docs had an opportunity to learn any revealed studies on the security research, and earlier than the outcomes of the large polio vaccine trial made it into any medical journal. If these scientists had had extra say, it’s possible that the “Cutter” catastrophe and the “Wyeth problem,” each occasions that led to crippling or demise of vaccine recipients simply weeks following the hurried vaccine licensing – might have been averted.

Beforehand it [the vaccine] had been distributed as an experimental product, not a licensed product…the committee was requested to decide in a short time…there was dialogue of the report that Dr Francis had given, however we weren’t able to debate it very intensively as a result of we had not seen the report previous to this morning and the report was distributed to us after the presentation…we have been pressured within the sense that we have been advised that velocity was important, and once we got here up towards the 5:00 time, a few of us felt we want to talk about this matter extra.  We have been informed that to debate the matter additional it must go into the next week, and we must go to Washington or Bethesda and a lot of the members have been unwilling to take action.  We have been in impact pressured into an earlier determination than we ordinarily would have made. …It was a part of the strain of occasions, put it that means.5

And that’s solely the start of the polio story, the likes of which at present function the inspiration of recent perception in vaccination, even by those that might have doubts relating to present vaccine coverage.

No vaccines are protected. Having “efficacy” means an antibody response is generated, not that they hold you from getting sick. There are various different methods to maintain youngsters wholesome aside from injecting them with illness matter, chemical compounds, animal DNA, animal proteins, detergents and surfactants that inflame and weaken the blood mind barrier, probably inflicting irritation and different issues.

Have you learnt how a lot docs study vaccines in medical faculty? Once we take part in pediatrics coaching, we study that vaccines must be given on schedule.  We study that smallpox and polio have been eradicated by vaccines.  We study that there’s no have to know find out how to deal with diphtheria, as a result of we gained’t see it once more anyway.  We’re indoctrinated with the mantra that “vaccines are safe and effective” – neither of which is true.

Docs at the moment are given in depth coaching on learn how to speak to “hesitant” mother and father – methods to frighten them by vastly inflating the dangers throughout pure an infection.  They’re educated on the need of twisting mother and father’ arms to evolve, or hearth them from their practices.  Docs are educated that NOTHING dangerous must be stated about any vaccine, interval.

Traditionally it has been commonplace, because the occasions of the lethal smallpox vaccines – to discourage or silence scholarly, considerate and cautious opposition to mass vaccination insurance policies.  That is politics, plain and easy, within the surroundings of cronyism and corporatism that has invaded the supposed health-care business.

The opinions of discovered anti-vaccinationist docs will not be permitted on CNN, Fox Information, or in mainstream literature. In all probability as a result of in the event that they have been broadcast on such media retailers, the unsuspecting public would do an about-face.  As an alternative, the publicity that mainstream media concedes, typically includes a dad or mum who’s against vaccination, after a toddler turns into vaccine-injured, matched up with a star  talking-head physician.  Dr. Stork had an all-out tantrum after JB Handley received some sense interjected (from the viewers!) throughout Jenny McCarthy’s invite.

For now, let’s simply ignore Dr. Sears’ utter delusion over the historical past of vaccination and the decline in infectious illness. Having JB Handley on this system with the viewers clapping for him, with out modifying him, was an uncommon occasion.  The usual strategy on business tv is to fake that there isn’t any anti-vaccinationist physician to match the superstar physician, or these of the Paul Offit style.  Subsequently, they will solely invite and publicly defeat these whom they underestimate.  Cheers to JB for getting an edge in.  That is merely how the sport of vaccination has all the time been performed; hold the opinions of considerate and knowledgeable docs and scientists out of the best way of the cameras and peer-reviewed journals, and solely permit the anti-vaccine perspective restricted illustration.

In case you have doubts on the security and effectiveness of vaccination, please hold your curiosity up, because the lives of your youngsters might rely upon it. You’ll in all probability have a lot deprogramming to do, identical to most of us had.

Worldwide Medical Council on Vaccination |

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